A school to awaken your divinity and discover the truth of who YOU are

YOUniversity empowers you to transform deep unconscious patterns to awaken to your divinity. At YOUniversity you will examine your beliefs, behavior, habits and goals, to develop a deeper connection to the divine.

YOU are ONE with the UNIVERSE!

YOU are the YOUniverse!

Heal YOUrself, Heal the YOUniverse!  

YOUniverse: the world you create around yourself, through circumstances, everyday choices, friends you choose, and the way you portray yourself to others.


A School to Discover the Truth of

Who YOU Are

People are desperate to go further into the spiritual world. Sometimes they have to go it alone. There are a lot of great resources out there but it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. But now there is...


a one stop resource for everything you need for your spiritual awakening, aka the path to enlightenment.


empowers you to take control over your life by discovering the truth of who you are, a divine being.

We are all powerful beings. But when we came to Earth we forgot that. We have access to this power all the time, but we ignore it. One of the main lessons we came to Earth to learn, is how to manipulate energy. This is our purpose. 

Everything is energy. Everything is connected. 

We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. 

The truth of interconnection is that we’ve always been connected to one another and to all of the universe. The lie is that we need to do something to get connected again. In all the ways we feel cut off, that cutting off is caused by us. It is our thoughts, fears, assumptions, karmic pain, unacknowledged physical pain, and so much more. 

Again and again, when we try to cling to an illusion (especially in awakening) the pain of that holding onto is felt, and the pain of resisting our own interconnection and oneness is felt. Anywhere that we resist what life is, we are doing so from the illusion of the individual. While we have this lovely ability to play in a seemingly “independent” life as a human, we are all deeply and ultimately connected to all things. Our choices are much smaller (and bigger) than we understand. 

In oneness, you accept your talents and faults. All is illuminated. Because much of the unconscious ego likes to hide in the shadows, this tends to be really intense for people. The more a person is aligned with unconsciousness, the more upsetting connecting to the truth can be. They get to see errors brightly lit in Divine neon lights. For some people, this kind of spiritual awakening leads to intense sickness and pain because that is what is there. And that is what must be detoxed. 

No matter how much you separated yourself from the truth of oneness, your essence is still the same as all of the universe. You can and ultimately will be transformed back into that purest form just as the ice melts back into the water. Along the way, you are fully revealed in who you are and -in the human sense- what really matters to you in this life. 

Oneness takes us directly back to the source. This takes us through all of our troubles that have been cutting us off from the Divine. Going through pain is not going around it. We generally have to re-experience it to let it go (although not always). Sometimes the healing can hurt worse than the wound. 

In facing our internal darkness, we are also embracing it. Because much like oneness, we have to embrace all of ourselves. Nothing is left out. When we have left out nothing and no experience or trait within us is resisted, we become truly free. 

And if you want to change to world away from terror and torment, then the first and only place to truly change is to go to that changeless place of oneness within you. 

The ocean of consciousness embraces all of us equally. 

We are all connected.

I am you, and you are me.

And we are we.

And so it shall be. 

What is included in YOUniversity?

This online YOUniversity includes ancient knowledge, worksheets, exercises, journal prompts, meditation, and rituals on topics such as Spiritual Awakening, Ego Death, Inner Child Healing, Cord Cutting, Shadow Work, Triggers, Cultivating Contentment, Identifying Your Purpose, Manifestation, Self-Image, Self-Limiting Beliefs, Discovering Your Calling, Spirit Guides, and Connecting To Your Intuition.

CHAKRA YOUniversity

The chakra system is an ancient way of viewing the body. Chakras transport energy from the universe into our aura.

At Chakra YOUniversity you will learn to identify each chakra and energetic blockages.

Ohm YOUniversity

Did you know that one person meditating can raise the vibration of the entire planet?

At Ohm YOUniversity you will learn mindful meditation techniques to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

YOGA YOUniversity

Yoga builds strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.

At Yoga YOUniversity you will learn flow yoga to create mental clarity and calmness; relieve chronic stress patterns; and tone muscles.

TAROT YOUniversity

The tarot cards offer self understanding and clarity of purpose as well as an internal manifesting map.

In Tarot YOUniversity you will learn the meaning and symbolism of each of the 78 tarot cards in a traditional tarot deck.

CRYSTAL YOUniversity

The concept of using crystals to heal has been around for centuries.

In Crystal YOUniversity you will learn to use the stable and unchanging energy pattern of crystals and gemstones to bring harmony to the energy field of the human body.


Belly dancing is an ancient art form influenced by cultures around the world! It is a very mystical dance that honors the divine feminine.

At Bellydance YOUniversity you will learn the movements to tap into your kundalini energy creating a spiritual connection to the Divine Source!